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Mr P Devizes.

I came to see Phillipa for a Bowen Treatment as I had fallen on my shoulder.  I had already been to a physiotherapist and had several sessions which hadn't given me any relief. I wasn't sleeping due to the pain and was taking pain killers.  I saw Phillipa for two appointments, I booked a third appointment but didn't need to go, my shoulder had made a 100% recovery, I was delighted!

Miss N. Devizes

I went to see Phillipa after lifting a heavy box at work.  I was signed off work as I had pain from my back all down my leg.  I had been off work for 4 weeks, when a friend recommended Bowen.  I went not really knowing what to expect.  It was amazing, I had two treatments and no more pain.  Bowen is fantastic, so gentle and yet makes it all better!

Mr S Devizes

Bowen Treatment has been the answer to my aches and pains.  After years of physio therapy, chiropractor, and osteopaths not giving lasting relief, Bowen has been a God send.  I will and do recommend Bowen to all and sundry who mention to me that they have similar problems.

Mr S Urchfont

My neck just went!  I didn't do anything, but something went and now I was really struggling with the pain.  I went to a physio and had several appointments, but unfortunately it made no difference.  I really thought I was going to be like this for the rest of my life.  I couldn't sleep I was in constant pain.  I then had three Bowen sessions with Phillipa over three weeks, four years later I am still completely free of pain.  Thank you so much.

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