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Meet Phillipa

I qualified as a Bowen Therapist in May 2014 with E.C.B.S.  I practice from a dedicated treatment room based in West Lavington, near Devizes.  I am passionate about Bowen and have had many success stories using the art of Bowen.  This gentle but powerful treatment ceases to amaze my clients.

Why I became a Bowen Therapist.

When my son became ill and no one knew what was wrong with him, a friend of mine recommended Bowen to me.  I didn’t know what it was, so I didn't go and I didn’t really think it would work. Discussing again my son’s illness with my friend, she was exasperated with me and again told me to “TAKE HIM TO HAVE BOWEN” I reluctantly booked an appointment with a local Bowen therapist,  my son had already received various other complimentary therapies, none of which had worked, and several visits to the Doctor which had baffled them, and no diagnosis had been given, was this "Bowen" really going to do any good? WOW, I was blown away by the results, he’d been really poorly for a year and we had a total of 8 treatments, which he loved. He’s now fit and healthy and has Bowen occasionally to help with sports related injuries.

I’ve been practicing for the past 5 years, I’ve had many clients successfully gaining relief from their symptoms. I’m very friendly and like to create a relaxed atmosphere in my treatment room.

Bowen is a simple, gentle and effective hands-on therapy.  Treatment is given using thumbs or fingers to make a series of precise, rolling-type moves over muscle and tendons.  Bowen is suitable for children and adults including new born babies and the elderly.  Treatment can be given through light clothing, or directly onto the skin.  Usually 3 sessions at weekly intervals would be sufficient to achieve lasting relief, although, further treatments may be required.  Common presentations include back pain, neck pain, knee problems, frozen shoulder, sciatica, hayfever, fibromyalgia, emotional problems, headaches to name but a few. 

Appointments are about an hour long and tend to be very pleasant and relaxing to receive.

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