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Bowen Therapy.
A gentle but effective treatment.

Welcome to my Bowen Website.

Here you will find out about Bowen, how Bowen can benefit you,  how I became a Bowen Therapist, my prices and a "contact me" page.

Guest Speaker
If you would like to learn more about Bowen, I am available to talk to your group.
What can Bowen help with?
Bowen can help with problems such as bad back, sciatica, anxiety, frozen shoulder, stiff neck, sports injuries, asthma, hayfever, headaches, painful knees, joint pain and many more ailments.
What is Bowen?
Bowen is a treatment given using thumbs and fingers, making a series of specific moves over the body.  Bowen works on the fascia that is the soft connective tissue in the body. It is done over light clothing. All the moves are very gentle.  There are no sudden moves or the anticipation of waiting for uncomfortable noises.  Bowen can be used on babies right through to the elderly.  I've treated a 1 day old baby and my eldest client was 95 years young.
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